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The best place to go for custom, hand-made armor suitable for anything from Renaissance Festivals to movie props.

Please look through our shop and if you can't find anything to suit your needs, just let us know what you're looking for and we'll see if we can help. Our leather armor is completely handcrafted from scratch.

We offer a variety of looks from colored dyes and stains to antiqued gold and silver metallics. Also, we can create the appearance of rust and even battle-damage (like sword cuts), which really adds a touch of realism to any piece of armor.

After you've found some armor, have a look at our weapons and accessories to complete your outfit.

It's our goal to create high quality, movie-grade armor that you'll be proud to own and wear on your next adventure!

Barbarian Armor

LATEST NEWS - January 2017

Lots of new stuff in the works for this year.

Thanks to all of our great customers for the continued business.

Added some pics of the official Manikin armor suit we did for Dark Souls 2 from Namco-Bandai in 2013 for a live action event. It was great working with those guys! The pics are in the gallery section.

Be sure to follow us on FaceBook. We'll post new items there as they're added to the site.

Do check back every so often or contact us if there's anything you need. We have access to many items not listed. Custom work is always welcome.

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