Bracers (forearm armor)
Here's a few styles of bracers we've created. All are made from 7/8oz. vegetable tand leather unless noted. Please contact us for pricing on custom shapes and designs. For even more realism, all items can have "battle-damage" effects added to them, such as cuts and dents. Just let us know. Also, all bracers are sold as pairs unless noted, but if needed, we can make you a single one. Other colors are available too and all of our armor is shened for a water protective coating. Everything is usually made when ordered.

Black Bracers

Black Bracers
Excellent choice of solid black bracers that can used for any kind of warrior. Measures approx. 5" long and feature strong latigo lacing!


Short BracersRoman Centurion

Short Bracers
These versatile bracers can used for anything from Romans to adventurers. Measures approx. 5" long. These are shown with a cool battle-damaged look, which is optional, and feature strong latigo lacing!


Barbarian BracersBarbarian bracer with axe

Barbarian Bracers
Studded bracers for a more imposing medieval image!
Measures approx. 5" long. These are shown in dark brown and have strong latigo lacing. Also featuring antique brass studs which gives them an ancient look. Other stud colors are available such as gold, silver or antique nickel. These are very comfortable to wear and just look really cool!


BracersRoman Suit

Roman Bracers
These can be used to compliment your Roman outfit or even on their own. Should look great for soldiers to officers. Can be adorned with three brass studs and is laced with incredibly strong latigo lacing.
Measures approx. 7-1/2" long. These definitely won't fall off during a battle.

The studs can be in your choice of either silver or gold.
These are stained antique black, giving them a dark brown natural weathered look.

$27.95 without Studs
$32.95 Studded

Black Bracers Fighter Bracers
They look great with any warrior's outfit. The buckles and rivets can be in your choice of either silver or gold. Dyed in black.

Measures approx. 7-1/2" long.


Studded Black BracersStudded Fighter Bracers
They look great with any warrior's outfit and with an added bonus of having brass studs! The buckles, rivets and studs can be in your choice of either silver or gold. Dyed in black.

Measures approx. 7-1/2" long.


Night Rogue Bracers lacing Night Rogue Bracers

The Night Rogue
Worn by the dark assassins of the night. These bracers are reinforced with black bands attached with rivets and tie up with only the strongest of leather lacing. Measures approx. 7-1/2" long. They definitely won't come off in battle! We also use an antique stain which gives them a natural weathered look.


Viking Bracers

Viking Bracers - NEW!
Here's a set of rugged bracers for the Viking warrior. Tooled design gives the appearance of hand-woven leather.
Measures approx. 7.5" long and features strong latigo lacing as well as a laced edge!
(This is for a set of 2 bracers.)


Dark Elven BracersDark Elven Warrior
Forged by the dark elves themselves, these bracers will really stand out in a crowd. Hand-crafted with overlapping leather pieces, original tooled design and then two-tone dyed to create an incredible piece of armor. Measures approx. 10" long. 4 different metal circles are available.
Here's a custom variation.


Dark Elven Bracer closeup

Dungeon Warrior Bracers

Dungeon Warrior
Here's the fantasy armor you've been waiting for with a true heavily battle-damaged look! Made to appear like plate mail, but it's actually leather, so you get the appearance of metal without the weight. Made from water hardened 8/9 oz. leather, which is a little thicker than our standard bracers.


Elven Warrior Bracers

Elven Warrior Bracers - NEW!
Hand-crafed by the powerful elves and provides great protection when fighting off invading orcs! Tooled design gives the appearance of overlapping bands with a metallic gold and weathered effect.

Measures approx. 7.25" long.


Elven Warrior Bracers 2
High Elven BracersHigh Elven Bracers
The Highelf's personal favorites! They feature brass buckles, hand-tooled vine work and gold studs. The design is a variation of the Dark Elven ones. A weathered gold metallic effect has been added to give these the true appearance of metal, when in fact they are leather. These are very nice! Measures approx. 10" long.



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