Roman Centurion
This is a stunning handmade full size suit of leather armour complete with breastplate, backplate, cingulum with brass rivets and circles, metallic spaulders, metallic greaves and bracers. The gladius sword, helmet and pilum is NOT included, but is available separately. The tunic is not available.

Not only does this suit look cool, it's very comfortable to wear. Made from 8/9oz. water-hardened vegetable tand leather and antique stained black (which makes it appear dark brown, weathered & ancient). The bracers are actually 7/8 oz. for better comfort. The spaulders are made from sturdy 9/10oz. leather and are weathered and battle-damaged for a realistic effect. Even up close, most people will believe it's actually metal. They are also articulately designed which lets them move around with the arm. The cingulum is made from lighter weight 5/6oz. leather which lets the strips hang properly. Most of the pieces have also been shened which adds a shiny look as well as some water protection to the leather.

This suit was designed to fit up to an approx. 36/40" waist and a height of approx. 6'. The breast & back plate have a special underlying piece of leather on the side to make them appear as one piece, so someone with a large waistline could actually wear this and it still come together. These are all just estimates, so as long as you're kind of close, you should be ok. We can also custom size this for you if needed. You'll be truly pleased with this armor and your friends will be impressed!

$950.00 full suit

As an added bonus for purchasing a full suit, you can take any of these discounts!

$5 off any Roman Gladius
$10 off a Roman Helm

Please allow 3-4 weeks for production.

Roman Centurion

Centurion battle


Centurion frontCenturion back

Movie shot


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