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We have a fine selection of swords for any adventurer. These are not made by us but will make a nice addition to your armor.
Please note: The photos are not to scale to one another. Check the description for the actual size.

Elven Short Sword
Elven Short Sword
Measures 19 1/2" overall. 13 5/8" stainless blade. Antique bronze finish cast metal handle with hand guard and imitation ruby inset into pommel. Tassel. Mahogony wood scabbard with antique bronze finish cast metal fittings and chain.

Elven Scimitar
Elven Scimitar
Measures 25" overall. 17 1/4" upswept stainless blade. Full tang! Laminated black wood handle with stainless stripes. Stainless guard. Zippered black nylon belt sheath. This weapon is insanely awesome!

Elven Warrior Sword
Elven Warrior Sword
Measures 44 3/4" overall. 33 3/8" sharpened stainless blade. Full tang! Black pakkawood handle with nickel silver bolster and pommel. Black leather scabbard.

Barbarian Skull Crusher Sword
Barbarian Skull Crusher Sword
Measures 44 1/8" overall. 31" unsharpened stainless blade. Wire wrapped grip. Sculpted cast metal guard and skull crusher pommel. Comes with wood wall plaque for hanging.

Flaming Sword +4
Magic Sword
The powerful sword of fire. Forged from the very essence of flame for the great warrior Baynor on his quest to destroy Isikel the frost giant. Now it can be yours!

5200 gold


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